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Life Happens, Hunger Shouldn't

These days there seem to be few topics on which we all agree, here are three:

  1. Maine is full of natural beauty, abundant agriculture, hardworking people, and no one should go hungry.

  2. Children should not go hungry.

  3. Seniors should not go hungry.

Yet, here we are. In one of the most beautiful places in the United States, where the summer breeze carries the scent of pine and everyone cares about their neighbors, the number of people seeking food assistance is increasing.

Every day the Food Center registers new families. The majority of Food Center shoppers are retired seniors. Hardworking, proud people, who do not have enough to eat and who do not have enough to make ends meet. Through our work, we have the privilege to learn their stories. Grandmothers who have lost their lifelong partners and are juggling medical bills, rent, car repairs, and the cost of groceries. Veterans who quietly place too few ready-to-eat items into their carts. Not one of them anticipated needing a food pantry in their golden years.

If you are reading this thinking, "Not my Mom, Not my Dad. They would tell us if they needed help." Are you sure? Many of the seniors we serve do not want their families to worry, so they quietly "manage".

Sadly, children are our fastest-growing segment, increasing by more than 200% in one year. It should be no surprise, large families have large food bills. The Food Center helps these hardworking moms and dads keep food on the table when times are tough.

Food Center staff and volunteers are kind, caring, and compassionate people fueled by the chance to make a difference. And we need your help.

The volume of people seeking assistance is draining our resources. The Food Center is looking for more volunteers to work in our marketplace, warehouse, and office. Interested in donating your time, contact us at or by phone at (207) 802-8230.

We are also asking for monetary donations. While we have managed to keep our costs low, our food budget alone will exceed $80,000 this year. Every dollar donated will help ensure that area families and seniors have access to healthy food. To make a donation visit or mail your check to: Piscataquis Regional Food Center, 76 North Street, Dover Foxcroft, ME 04426.

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