FarmShare for

Homebound Seniors

PR Food Center's FarmShare for Homebound Seniors is a seasonal delivery service that provides seniors who can't leave their homes with fresh, local produce. The program is modeled after Maine Senior Farmshare but the $50 shares are funded by private donations, and our volunteers and staff bring the vegetables right to the customer's door.

"Delivery day is my favorite day. The veggies look and smell so good and are so fresh. It makes me smile."

-Deanna, FSHS-recipient

1 in 3 Seniors in Piscataquis County don't have enough to eat. FSHS provides produce to seniors who can't leave their homes.

Statistic provided by the Good Shepherd Food Bank

Testimonials & TiD-Bits

"Oh my gosh, they were unbelievable. Their produce is wonderful. I like veggies more than anything else."



I don't know any other word to use. Just beautiful. Nutritious and filling. Thank you!"


"I'm most excited about radishes, beets, peas and cucumbers. If I cook them I steam them so they retain all their vitamins and nutrients."


"We make stir fry. My son helps me cut up zucchini, onions, green pepper..."


"Happily satisfied with the program. They call regularly and I'm glad it's available to me."

"It's a big help to me, because I don't have a lot of ways to get anywhere - that, and I love the fresh vegetables. 

Thank you!"

"Just like farming, the service is seasonal but the planning never stops."

              -Erin Callaway, Executive Director PRFC



  1. Must be 60 years old
  2. Meet the current Maine Senior FarmShare financial Guidelines*
  3. Be unable to pick up produce yourself
  4. Have no one that can pick up for you
  5. Have a caregiver who could use a break
  6. Considered “homebound” by Medicare

* Maximum individual/household income may change each year.

Interested in piloting FSHS in your area?​

Contact us for details about the program and technical assistance!