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FarmShare for

Homebound Seniors

PRFC's FarmShare for Homebound Seniors is a seasonal delivery service that provides seniors who can't leave their homes with fresh, local produce. The program is modeled after Maine Senior Farmshare but the $50 shares are funded by private donations, and our volunteers and staff bring the vegetables right to the customer's door.

1 in 3 Seniors in Piscataquis County don't have enough to eat. FSHS provides produce to seniors who can't leave their homes.
*Statistic provided by the Good Shepherd Food Bank


  1. Must be 60 years old
  2. Meet the current Maine Senior FarmShare financial Guidelines*
  3. Be unable to pick up produce yourself
  4. Have no one that can pick up for you
  5. Have a caregiver who could use a break
  6. Considered “homebound” by Medicare

* Maximum individual/household income may change each year.

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