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Wednesdays With Whitney: Food Cupboard Favorites Series

Food cupboard “fan favorites” series

We will be doing a series of fan favorites (so to speak) to highlight food cupboard participants’ favorite items.

To start us off we have canned tuna/chicken.

Let’s tackle the nutritional content of the two items first.

One serving of tuna is about 3 ounces (one 5 ounce can drained of liquid). There are about 100 calories. Canned tuna has a high protein content with about 22 grams. Canned tuna is low in fat and contains omega-3 fatty acids which is beneficial for our heart and brain health. Tuna contains vitamin D. Sodium ranges typically 200-300 mg, this can fit into even a low sodium eating plan. Ingredients are typically tuna, oil or water and salt.

Canned chicken comes in with a little less calories, similarly low in fat to tuna. Sodium ranges 140-380 mg. Canned chicken does have less protein per serving at around 13 grams (though still a good amount). Canned chicken tends to have a longer list of ingredients.

What can I do with my canned tuna/chicken?

Tuna (or chicken) melts-make up some tuna salad by draining the can, adding mayo (or try plain Greek yogurt or mustard) and melting cheese between bread or try an open-faced sandwich.

Tuna/chicken casserole-pasta, canned or frozen veggies, a can of cream of mushroom (or chicken) soup, some people like to use milk and cheese instead of the soup. Topping with bread or panko crumbs adds a bonus crunch!

Salad toppers-use plain or prepared tuna/chicken to add protein to any green salad!

Tuna/chicken salad wraps-prep salad and wrap up with tortilla or wrap and your favorite veggies.

Dips-sub canned chicken for any type of chicken dip—buffalo chicken dip, Mexican chicken dip etc.

Add to mac n cheese-for added protein and round out with a veggie for a balanced and easy meal!

As you can see canned tuna and chicken options offer lots of versatile ways to boost protein and make some tasty and nutritious menu items, no wonder it is a fan favorite!

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