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United Way Spotlights PRFC!

This Food Center Friday we're sharing the good work of United Way of Eastern Maine, a long time Food Center supporter and community partner. This 2021 Finale highlights many organizations that United Way supports and highlights a wonderful campaign. We're proud to be a part of the funded partners and thankful for the support.

Watch the video in it's entirety or fast forward to 15:05 in to hear from Merrilee, Community Food Services Coordinator, Wilfred, a long-time home delivery customer and to see the Dexter Mobile Food Cupboard in action! And yes, you did hear correctly- in the coming year, we anticipate moving over 600,000 lbs of food!

United Way of Eastern Maine helped pay for our 2020 Resource Guide and Calendar, allowing us to help folks get connected to resources, and to highlight community partners providing important services in our region.

This year, United Way of Eastern Maine is supporting us with funding that goes directly to developing and increasing our home delivery program for seniors.

To find out more about all that United Way of Eastern Maine does visit their website.

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