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"Scoopstock" at the First Universalist Church of Sangerville & Dover-Foxcroft.

If I could, I would send Barbara an e mail telling her about our

annual fundraiser, re-tooled from April’s abandoned

“Soupstock” into August’s ice cream and auction event,

“Scoopstock”. Thanks to the imagination and good will of our

fundraising co-chairs, Theresa Boettner and Nancy Lappert, and

the cooperation of an army of artisans and volunteers, we

managed to salvage the event by hosting it outdoors and with

pandemic-savvy protocols.

I would tell Barb that, yes, we are in good shape to sustain the

food cupboard for some time into the future. And yes, the

event was so much more than that. I think she would have

noticed it all: the artistic energy embedded in the hand- made

ice cream bowls and auction items; the imagination, resilience,

and creativity of the organizers, cooks, musicians and builders;

the strong backs of the setters-up, mask-enforcers, guides, and

volunteers; the anxious wee-hours worrying; the generosity of

our guests.

As important as the fun and the funds we raised are, we are

ever conscious of Barb’s dedication to the purpose of our food

pantry. Our patrons have been stripped of a little more dignity,

with little choice of what might appear in the pre-packaged

food parcels they receive, asked to mask up despite respiratory

ill health, marginal access to health care and decent housing,

they arrive with their neighbors, wait in their cars, deliver food

to friends who can’t make it, tell corny jokes. They thank us

and hope we stay well. Amazing grace.

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