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Photos of Bounty from Gardener Lisa

Lisa is a Gardener with the 2020 Garden in a Box learning series and pilot program!

The dill and the cucumber came with the Garden in a Box program. They're huge! This is also the first time she's tried growing beans in a pallet; the gaps in the wood serve as rows for the beans to grow in between. If you find any good pallets around that haven't been treated with chemicals (usually heat-treated ones are safe to use!), consider adding them to your garden! Lisa's plants look pretty happy to us, and we can't wait for more updates on how things are growing.

Dill was our Spice of the Month in our Spice Drive program for July, so if you are looking for ways to use your own dill, we welcome you to visit our Facebook page for a wonderful & simple potato salad recipe that is fresh and summery with some dill added!

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