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"It's Not Just a Name"

Meet Roxy.

Every Tuesday Roxy comes in "with bells on" as she's oft to say. Roxy is well known in the community for her "Roxy Socks". As she says, "It keeps me out of trouble. I knit everything!"

Roxy has volunteered with the Free Summer Meal Program in the past and this will be her second year volunteering with us for our program FarmShare for Homebound Seniors. Every week Roxy calls her list of seniors to take their vegetable order.

"It's not just a name on a piece of paper. I can connect with these people. I enjoy talking with them."

From the sounds that I can hear each Tuesday morning, Roxy's enthusiasm when connecting with our seniors rings true. It's a quality that's extremely valuable in this line of work. From recipe sharing, to checking in about the weather, to learning a little bit more each week about a specific senior's life... it's the little details remembered by volunteers like Roxy that make up a good portion of the quality of this program.

Roxy was headed out the door when I asked her to share a bit about why she enjoys this particular volunteer opportunity.

"I enjoy having them tell me about what they're up to, what's going on with their lives, or what they're going to do with their vegetables!"

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