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Food Center Friday: Hot Off The Press!

Image of a hand holding a calendar showing the front. Blue cover with green dots circling text that reads Piscataquis Regional Food Center 2021 Resource Guide and Calendar. In the very center of the text is a green and grey outline of the state of Maine with the PRFC logo in the middle.
Hot Off The Press! PRFC 2021 Resource Guide & Calendar

And just like that, it's a New Year. We are getting ready for a busy season ahead and will keep everyone posted as projects and programs take shape in 2021.

You may have heard about our recent very generous donation from Puritan Medical. A donation of $20,000! We are incredibly grateful for this community support and look forward to putting the funding to good use continuing to move food to those in need around the Maine Central Highlands. Full article here.

And! Our 2021 Resource Guide & Calendars are IN! For the past several years, under the name Feel Good Piscataquis, we along with other community partners have compiled calendars sharing pertinent and helpful information for each month of the year. We like to make sure that people can stay informed about services and supports in our communities. This is one way we approach keeping community members informed. As I type, they are being passed out at the Dover-Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard. In the following weeks we will be distributing them at Commodities Supplemental Food distribution, regional pantry distributions, and other community partners in the region.

Get in touch if you'd like one at your organization! We have an abundance to share.

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