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Food Center Friday: Garden in a Box

It's a beautiful time of year to tend a garden! Lots of people around Piscataquis county are interested in gardening and growing their own food, but don't know where to begin. Others are more experienced gardeners, but no longer have the space or physical capability to tend a big garden.

Our Garden in a Box pilot program is designed to be a learning series, meaning there are a few different components to it that make it an experience rather than a service. Aside from providing participants with all of the materials they need, we planned on holding monthly workshops (also open to the public) and having Garden Coaches available to visit gardeners' homes to provide guidance. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the program looks much different than we planned.

This year, we potted participants' locally grown seedlings (from Ripley Farm & Marr Pond Farm) into the 15-gallon containers ourselves, and delivered them right to their homes. We wish that the gardeners were able to do this themselves, with the help of the Garden Coaches, but we are adapting to a socially-distanced reality to keep our community safe and healthy. Garden coaches are still available by phone for questions, and we have high hopes of bountiful harvests for the gardeners!

Delivering the containers to gardeners, and seeing how excited everybody was about their plants, was amazing to see! We know that these little container gardens will spark happiness, learning, and connectivity for the first ever Garden in a Box participants!

If you are interested in learning more about container gardening, there are lots of resources out there that I am happy to share with you. Please send us an email at info@prfoodcenter or call (207) 802-8230 for more information!

Happy gardening!


AmeriCorps VISTA, PR Food Center

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