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A Note from Holly: A Sort Of Goodbye!

Hello everyone! My AmeriCorps VISTA service is coming to an end, a bit before I had originally planned, but I want to say that I am incredibly grateful to have lived in and served this community.

It's been wonderful to recognize folks around town, meet the homebound seniors that the Food Center serves, and gain understanding of central Maine's food systems. A few things have lead me to decide to return to farming full-time, but, the Food Center will continue to have a place in my mind as a helpful community resource, a place that facilitates connectivity and open-minded programming, and the web-weavers that I love so much!

I've helped plan fundraisers, delivered food to seniors in need, cooked amazing meals with the Rising Stars for Spice Drive, made moderately-terrible quarantine home-cooking videos, attended trainings and webinars, picked up an absurd amount of turkeys, bagged and distributed produce at commodity food distributions, and met lots of amazing people.

I will still be around, be connected with the Food Center, and continue to be a connector for finding good, healthy food! I can be found out in the fields or on the trails around central Maine! Please feel free to reach out anytime!

Love and gratitude,


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