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FarmShare For Homebound Seniors Donation

Eastern Gazette article from 4/26/19

Did you hear the news? Maine Highland Federal Credit Union spent 2018 working on raising funds to end hunger in our communities. Piscataquis Regional Food Center was one of 23 food distribution sites to receive a donation from them.

This $1,000 will be used to sponsor seniors for our FarmShare of Homebound Seniors Program. This program started 3 years ago with 12 seniors, and has grown exponentially each year since it began as a pilot program in 2016. We're close to having 40 participants this year!

We rely on donors such as Maine Highland Federal Credit Union and folks just like you who want everyone to have access to healthy, local foods. To learn how to sponsor a senior's $50 FarmShare this summer, click here.

Piscataquis Regional Food Center's FarmShare for Homebound Seniors program is a privately funded program through our facility and not affiliated with the Maine State Farmshare program.

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