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Thoughts on Poverty Part 2

I was recently in a public school, visiting children in an elementary classroom. They offer a breakfast to all children in the classroom, which is a great idea! It ensures that children have the ”fuel” to run their “engine” – otherwise known as their brain. It makes it possible for them to focus on learning, and not on the grumbling sound of their empty belly.

Little Charlie was one of the first children I met. He was smaller than some of the other kids in this classroom, and pretty active! He was very excited about the choices for breakfast for this particular morning and was filling his pockets just as fast as he could. The teacher commented to me that he typically “hoards” food in the morning but usually doesn’t eat it during the day. I sat down next to Charlie and we shared a granola bar and a tangerine. I pointed to his pockets and asked him what he was going to do with all of those other granola bars and tangerines!? Could he really eat all of them?

He shook his head, “no” and smiled. Turns out he was taking food home for his mother and younger brother. About a half hour later, a new child joined the classroom and Charlie went over to him and offered him a tangerine and a big smile.

Sometimes children who have so little are the most generous. I have seen this over and over again. Charlie isn’t a hoarder; he is a sharer!

~Sue Mackey Andrews

Picture of kids at lunch

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