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Start of FarmShare Deliveries

Last Wednesday, June 16th marked the start of FarmShare for Homebound Seniors deliveries. Seniors who receive produce from Stutzmans Farmstand were able to enjoy beautiful strawberries, radishes, spinach, and beet greens! So many customers performed the same post-delivery ritual--a look inside the bag, a deep inhale of ripe strawberry, and a broad smile!

"Everyone was so happy," Kazia said. "I felt like Produce Santa!"

Due to our varied landscape and growing conditions, other participating farms will not have produce until approximately mid-July.

Our Wednesday delivery route was so hectic, we forgot to snap photos. We definitely tested the capacity of our little white delivery van! Between EAAA Commodity Boxes, FarmShare for Homebound Seniors orders, and our pilot Sangerville Food Cupboard home delivery program, we were able to provide up to three different food sources for 16 different customers! Whew!

On Friday we had a much lighter delivery. The real excitement came when we saw a moose while driving into Greenville!

This Wednesday was also much lighter for deliveries since we were only moving FarmShare produce. A smaller load allowed us to better take in the details of the day. One customer has an array of bird feeders and we watched American Goldfinch and hummingbirds having a snack. We spent time with several customers (and their pets!) chatting and listening to stories on the front porch.

We can't wait for all of the participating farms to start producing and for the little white van to deliver veggies and smiles to seniors all over Piscataquis County!

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