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Food Center Friday: Free Summer Meals

The Free Summer Meal program offers kids 18 and under free lunch and breakfast. Often times, summer is when breakfast and lunch is most needed. Classes are out and getting meals on the table at home can be difficult when kids aren't getting meals at school. PR Food Center would like to share this write-up by Dawn McLaughlin, who with a great many others, is navigating getting meals to kids. This year, the Free Summer Meals program in many places has changed due to Covid19. Meals are still distributed, but in bulk. Please remember to wear a mask, maintain social distancing measures, and enjoy getting a free, family friendly meal out in your community!

PR Food Center has compiled a calendar that lists all dates, times and locations of summer meals in our region.

"Our program is gearing up for Summer and we are going to work on evolving a program more in line with Damien’s Vision, as well as our commitment that no person , especially children go hungry or without basic human necessities. Working with the backing of Jeans’ Blessings, Full Plates and Full Potentials, Shannon Greaney Fowles and her myriad of connections, The Town of Milo, Milo Rec and Brownville Rec, Dawn McLaughlin, Stacey Robichaud, The USDA , The Good Shepherd Food  Bank, Bissell Brothers , The Milo Police Department and Nick Clukey, And of course, our Acting Town Manager Ellen Dean Moore, we have decided on the following schedule for the next 3 Months. (please see calendar). The boxes will contain bulk items and will be enough for a family of 4 to have 2 days of breakfast and lunch.  If you have a greater need, let us know and we will help. We just need you to come to us!! Also, any child who is around can stop and get a lunch to take and eat . We will pack them in plastic bags with handles and they will be easily carried!! 

Please note that on Wednesdays the MSAD  41 SCHOOL lunch program will continue their lunches consisting of 3 Lunches and 3 Breakfasts. This fabulous program is separate from ours and you are encouraged to participate in both!!!"



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