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An Update from Debbie's Garden!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I love my garden in a box! And I have been taking good care of it by watering it regularly.  I am sending you some pictures of my little garden of cucumber plant, tomato and radishes. They are growing well. The cucumber plant has three blossoms on it so far and the tomato plant has six blossoms.

I have planted radish seeds and they are about 1" tall. It is exciting to see my little garden growing so well . They love the sun and are thriving where I placed them. Looking forward to doing this again next year. I wish that I had two containers because they would fit perfectly in my pallet and I could grow more veggies or strawberries next time.

Here are some pictures of my garden in a box as of June 29th. As you can see, I have some baby cukes and baby tomatoes growing, as well as some radishes!

But the last picture shows what deer did last night. They nibbled the ends of my tomato leaves as well as all my petunia blossoms except for those that had marigolds near them.

As you can imagine, I am a little sad today. I sprinkled Irish spring soap in the rest of the plants today in hopes that the deer don't eat more of my garden.

Thank you for making gardening a delight to do!!!

-Debbie Loguercio, Gardener, Summer 2020

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