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Guest Blogger Wednesday: Russ Carr

How did I get here? A typical family was a bit larger in the 50s, 60, than it is today. If a family was considered poor (financially), most local folks were aware of those families. I was in one of those families, 5 older sisters, 2 younger brothers, Mom, Dad, a dog, a cat, some chickens, a rooster and piglet each spring, my Dad would give it a name each year. I remember "pork chop" the most. Small cottage size house, no plumbing, which meant no running water, no toilet, and only a wood stove for heat. A neighbor lady Bea came by and dropped off 2 boxes full of food. It was like Christmas. Once a month all 10 of us would pile into the station wagon and go to the town office to receive a Government food allotment. Again it was exciting and appreciated. The corn meal mush was not a favorite but it was filling and nutritional.

Those years taught me about giving, about caring, and how to cook with what you had. My Mom taught me at an early age how to cook (without a written recipe). My Dad worked construction for a small company that paid what they could. It was seasonal work. We were never hungry.

Too much happened between those years and now to write about. I finished high school, joined the army, ran a business in Bangor for many years. In 1994 someone asked me to come to Greenville to speak at a local church. I felt a call to be here, haven't escaped yet. A food pantry was formed, a building was built with donations from local businesses. Two to three times a month folks come shopping for what they want to take home to eat. I have learned to love the people and to care about each one.

How are you? How is your dog? How is your cat? You doing ok? Do you need anything?

I am a cat person but I do love dogs too. Being part of a food pantry is rewarding through the relationships formed. We are truly blessed with all the food that comes through this county.

I was going to write about the bull moose that mistook me for a cow moose, maybe next time. Don't make funny grunting noises when a bull moose is 40 feet from you. Just walk away quickly.

Pastor Russ

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