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Piscataquis Community Secondary School Students Raise Funds for PRFC

Piscataquis Regional Food Center was delighted to receive a $715 donation last week. The money was raised by local high school students from the Piscataquis Community Secondary School's Positive Action Team. The students set and surpassed its fundraising goal to benefit PRFC.

Three students in holiday garb sell hot chocolate.
Students from the Positive Action Team held a series of fundraisers to benefit PRFC.

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, the Piscataquis Community Secondary School’s Positive Action Team held a fundraiser to help Piscataquis Regional Food Center. They set a goal of raising $500 total--$250 from the students through daily events and $250 from the community through holding 50/50 raffles at basketball games. The students chose to raise money, rather than holding a traditional food drive. They wanted to give back to the entire community but also educate fellow students and staff about how money--rather than food items--is helpful to Piscataquis Regional Food Center.

The students exceeded their goal and raised an impressive $715 over the week of 12/13-12/17. The daily school fundraisers included: Wear an Ugly Sweater Day - $1, Hat Day - $1, Pajama Day - $1, Hot Cocoa Sales – 50 cents per cup, and Candy Cane Candy Grams for 50 cents apiece. On Friday, December 17th the students presented the money to Executive Director, Erin Callaway during their school-wide “Pirate Muster”.

"With just $600, we can buy more than 3,000 lbs of food through Good Shepherd Food Bank," said Erin. "I told the students that figure and they all said 'Ooooooh!' You don't get a reaction from teenagers that often, and they definitely reacted to that number! They did a great job and they did it all through small fundraisers."

A row of students stands in a gym during a school assembly.
The Positive Action Team at the school-wide "Pirate Muster."

The Positive Action Team is co-chaired by John Keane, School Principal, and Hillary Starbird, Director of Community Outreach at Northern Light Mayo Hospital. Thank you Piscataquis Community Secondary School Positive Action Team and all of the students and community members who supported this fundraiser!

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