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Guest Blog: Jaiyde & Audrey, PCSS Students

Last month, we told you about the Piscataquis Community Secondary School's Positive Action Team and their generous fundraising efforts for PRFC. What a heart-warming Christmas gift for PRFC! If you missed it, you can read all about it here. This week, we are honored to host a guest blog from two of the student organizers, Jaiyde True and Audrey Chadbourne. Thank you again to the PCSS Positive Action Team and everyone involved in their fundraiser.

Jaiyde and Audrey, two students at PCSS pose in Christmas accessories. The text banner reads Piscataquis Regional Food Center Guest Blog by Jaiyde True and Audrey Chadbourne, Positive Action Team Members, Piscataquis Community Secondary School.
PRFC presents a guest blog by Jaiyde (pictured left) and Audrey (on the right), Positive Action Team Members at PCSS.

By: Jaiyde True and Audrey Chadbourne

We were having a positive action meeting and decided we wanted to do something in the Christmas season to give back to the community, everyone thought it was a good idea. We were thinking of doing a food drive, but Hillary Starbird came up with the amazing idea of collecting money for the food bank [Piscataquis Regional Food Center], because it gives more. We started planning what we were going to do for each day. Monday-Pajama day, Tuesday-Hat day, Wednesday-Ugly sweater, Thursday-Hot cocoa, Friday-Candy grams. Each of these cost $0.50-$1.00. We figured we should do a fundraiser and set a goal for the community too. At each game we would go around doing a 50/50 raffle and if you won you would get 50% of the money earned in the 50/50 and a chance to shoot from half court and if you made it you would get $100 bonus money. Every person who won the 50/50 raffle donated the money back to us instead of taking it! To reach these goals we had a candy cane for the community in the gym, with a goal of $250. We also had a Christmas tree for the school with a goal of $250 also. Every time we met a certain amount of money we would color the tree and candy cane in. We exceeded these goals by $215, earning a total of $715 from both the community and school.

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