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Food Stories: Part 3 KALE

The blessing of the harvest his time of year are swiss chard and kale. Everyone knows they are good for you, and they taste amazing when cooked properly. BUT, what do you do with them?

Kale growing at Helios Horsepower Farm

I admit, I like kale, but my family doesn't (shocking I know!). I also don't know what to do with aside from the basics, like putting it in soup or making kale chips out of it. Pretty boring and basic stuff but I am feeling adventurous this week, and with a nice kale crop at most farm stands and farmers' markets right now, I decided I wanted to try something new.

So I went to a kale expert--Lizzie Koltai-Price of Helios Horsepower Farm and asked her how to step out of my kale comfort zone. Her favorite go-to recipe for kale is simple, put it in a stir fry. Cut it up small, toss it in the pan, but you may need a little water to get it to soften up, add the other veggies for your stir fry, and nosh away! I'll have an update on my thoughts on the stir fry next week.

Lizzy working the fields with horses Annie and Billy

If you are ready to break out of your kale rut and need some inspiration, I love the Budget Bytes website for delicious recipes that will fit ANY budget. Check them out and let us know your favorite kale recipe.

Till next time,


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