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Meals on Wheels

Recently the Piscataquis Regional Food Center gave us ( Meals on Wheels) personal care bags for our home delivered clients; we decided to use them for Valentine’s Day gifts. We added a small Valentine to each bag and the results were cute and people really liked them. Each home delivered client received a bag with soap, shampoo, lotions etc. with a small valentine inside.

Valentine's for Meals On Wheels customers with card and hygiene kit.

We started shipping the gift bags out the week of February 11; we immediately started receiving phone calls from our clients. Many stating that they haven’t received a Valentines gift in years, they were touched that someone thought of them. Our drivers reported positive feedback; they took the gift in with the meals and simply said Happy Valentine’s Day!

PR Food Center also received some fresh rescue from last week. While a lot was given out to the Commodities Supplemental Food Program recipients, there was plenty to share. PR Food Center reached out to us to see if their program would like the remaining food. I just wanted you all to know how much everyone loved the fresh peaches and oranges. All of our home deliveries received them last week, and we have enough oranges left to send them all a couple more this week. Thank you for thinking of us and bringing a ray of sunshine to our Meals on Wheels Clients!

Robin Ladd

Tracey Gray

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