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Gadget Drive 2018

Mayo Regional Hospital and PRFC combined efforts this November for the 2nd Annual Gadget Drive to collect and deliver needed kitchen gadgets and supplies for local area food cupboard customers. We are so grateful to the Mayo employees who donated gadgets, money, and time to help distribute the items at the Dover Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard on Dec. 6th. Look at all the kitchen supplies!

We worked hard to make sure people knew the Gadget Drive was on. In early November we spent the day promoting it at Shaw's; we ran ads in the Eastern Gazette and Observer, or on a screen at the Center Theatre, PRYMCA, or Dover Foxcroft Town Offices, posts on Facebook, or read it in the Mayo Messenger. Wherever you learned about the need for our gadget drive, we are very thankful for the support! It seems like this sentiment is overstated, but we really can't state it enough. We are so grateful to all of the community members who support projects like this and Spice Drive each and every month. We cannot share with you in strong enough language just how incredibly grateful the customers are for this program and the support they feel from the community. When you are trying to care for yourself and your family, and you feel the stigma and shaming associated with getting a hand up, knowing there are people in the community who care for you as individuals and not "those people", who understand and appreciate the value of human kindness. Imagine the feeling of trying to feed your family, keep a roof over your head, the heat on, and the car running so you can work. Each little act of kindness adds up, just like those pennies in the piggy bank.

Look at how excited everyone was to see all the gadgets! We heard "it's awesome!" "This is my first time here. I thank you so much for your help." "Keep up the good work."

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