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How To Donate


One of a Kind

Piscataquis Regional Food Center is a Non-Profit Organization located in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Our mission is to connect people with sources of healthy food. We’re working with community pantries, farms, and Good Shepherd Food Bank to create a new model to provide comprehensive services to people in need. Every year, we move over half a million pounds  of food to thousands of individuals and families.

Every mile we drive, every box we deliver, every mobile distribution we run, every family we serve, is all thanks to our donors. Thank you for your support.

Our programs build community, create connections, and nurture our neighbors. Financial support from donors like you make all of this possible.

- Erin Callaway

PR Food Center Executive Director

Programs​ & Services

Regional Pantry Stock & Supply

Mobile Food Distribution​


Farm to Home


How Can I Help Get Food Moving?

  • One-Time Donation (by check or online*)

  • Recurring Monthly Online Donation

  • Multi-year pledge

  • Corporate Contribution or Sponsorship

  • Bequest

*Donate online here:

*Send Checks to Piscataquis Regional Food Center

P.O. Box 264

Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

If You Want to Donate Directly to Food Pantries:
We suggest contacting food pantries directly to understand which items are needed most, or if a financial donation makes the most sense. Due to Covid-19 some pantries are not accepting individual food items while others quarantine items in advance of distribution. 

Here are a few lists to get you started: Feel free to download and print at your convenience
Food Items
Non-Food Items
Kitchen Gadgets

Click here to contact your local pantry

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