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Whitney's List of Go-To Summer Recipes

Bright leafy green lettuce with small red radishes courtesy of the Helio's Horsepowered Farm

Who does not love a good summer recipe? Our summer favorites can often become so repetitive, and yet we struggle to step out of the box. Here are a few highly adaptable recipes.

Whitney’s Go-To Salad

1 bunch kale (or any favorite lettuce), cut up to your preference

Drizzle with olive oil (enough to see but not saturate)

Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper

Sprinkle lightly with breadcrumbs or panko crumbs (my fav)

Shake it up in a bowl (or stir with spoon/hands)

Let set for a few minutes before serving, enjoy!

Tyler’s Summer Citrus Marinade (for any grilling meat)

2 whole oranges and/or 2 whole limes, juiced

½ cup low sodium soy sauce

Fresh garlic (you can’t have too much but 5-6 cloves is good)

Red pepper flakes

Ris’s Orzo Overload Salad

1 box orzo (1 pound, any pasta)

Cherry tomatoes, cut into halves or quarters (or any tomato variety cut into pieces)

1 small can black olives (pre-sliced or hand-sliced)

Cucumber, cut lengthwise and then sliced (2-3 pickling cukes or 1-2 larger)

1/3 cup feta cheese (or any shredded cheese on hand)

Olive oil, start with a 1/8 cup and add more as you prefer (try garlic infused for more flavor or Italian dressing if you prefer)

Salt and pepper to taste

Scallions (optional)

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