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Wednesdays with Whitney: Perimenopause + Meals on the Mind

I think perimenopause is creeping in; will certain foods trigger certain symptoms? Should I be avoiding anything?

This is a HUGE concern and question for a lot of women. It is challenging to navigate the world of online resources. I wouldn’t say there are necessarily trigger foods. A lot of it is going to be different for everyone. In general, as we head towards and live through menopause there are some helpful things to keep in mind:

  • Protein is important! Think lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, some full fat dairy, some red meats, chicken, fish…

  • Being mindful of carbs: focus on whole grains (brown rice, oatmeal, cereals, pastas, quinoa), decrease refined/processed carbs.

  • Load up on veggies (and fruit).

  • Be sure to keep hydrated.

  • Focus on healthy fats (olive, avocado, canola oils, nuts/seeds, fish, avocado)

  • Think balance: at each meal have protein, fruit/veggie, grain.

  • The less added sugar, the better!

  • Keep timing in mind, eating earlier in the day and eating less after dinner is beneficial.

  • Stay active!

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