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Wednesdays with Whitney: Seven Easy Lunch Ideas

I’m in a lunch rut, what do I pack?!

  1. PBJ on whole wheat bread, cheese stick, sliced cucumber with dip, and apple.

  2. Tuna or chicken salad in a pita pocket (or bread or wrap or over greens), carrots, and sliced peppers with hummus and canned pears.

  3. Pretzels and apple with peanut butter, yogurt (look for less than 10 grams of added sugar), granola bar.

  4. Leftovers! Pack it the night before when you are putting away dinner to make it even faster the next morning.

  5. Salad with protein (hardboiled egg, leftover chicken or fish, sandwich meat, cheese, seeds/nuts, beans), popcorn or crackers, and fruit.

  6. Canned soup with a salad or sandwich.

  7. Turkey and cheese rolled up with cashews, Triscuits, and a veggie or fruit.

Keep it simple, don’t overthink it, and think outside the box. Any of the above can easily be mixed and matched.

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