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Wednesday Guest Blogger: From the eyes of a Community Volunteer

Volunteers stand around large pallets at the Piscataquis County Ice Arena containing acorn squash and 50lb bags of potatoes which they pack into smaller bags before a drive-through free food distribution begins.
Volunteers Pack Potatoes Before Food Distribution

"Volunteering for the food distributions in Dover-Foxcroft and Dexter has been a pleasure. It would seem mundane but I think there is something intrinsically gratifying about contributing to your community! Having lived most of my life in urban areas I am always impressed with how wide-spread connections are here. For example, people continually said they were picking up for co-workers, neighbors and family. The mood is also positive. There was no shame. I enjoyed how matter-of-fact those coming to pick up food were. This was a need being met and the function of the food bank dignifies the problem of food scarcity rather than belittling, mocking or adding stress. Finally, the organizers particularly in Dover run the show with an army-like precision or should I say they choreograph it well! Satisfying to see this system work and it's probably a lot to do with the small scale."

Volunteers move boxes containing milk and other food items in a municipal parking lot for the Dexter Mobile Food Cupboard.
Volunteers Load Vehicles at the Dexter Mobile Food Cupboard

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