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The Official PRFC Garden in a Box Demo Garden Salad

It is with great joy and honor that I present to you, dear readers, our Official 2021 Piscataquis Regional Food Center Garden in a Box Demo Garden Salad! Garden in a Box is a collaborative project of PRFC and Piscataquis Extension, funded by the Quimby Family Foundation.

This photo is of a salad that contains red stemmed strips of swiss chard, lemon cucumber with a light yellow rind, and bright orange halved cherry tomatoes.
It's finally possible--the PRFC Garden in a Box salad.

I had one of those mornings where I raced around my kitchen, adding random snacks to my bag because I forgot to pack a real lunch--a bag of pistachios? a banana? iced coffee? I guess it will do. But, lucky for me, the stars aligned and much patience and investment was rewarded because I stepped out of the office door today and found enough ripe veggies to make this salad! This salad contains lettuce, beautiful red-veined swiss chard, lemon cucumbers, and bright orange cherry tomatoes. I was extra excited to try the lemon cucumber, a variety I have never sampled. It was delicious!

If you have been following the story of the Garden in a Box demo garden from the beginning, you might remember that this very garden was plagued by deer earlier in the season. On Monday of this week, I was able to catch a photo of the likely culprits. Even thought this mama and baby seem comfortable in our parking lot, the garden has remained untouched since we moved it away from the treeline and closer to the PRFC building.

A doe and a fawn relax on a pile of mulch at the edge of the PRFC parking lot. In the photo, they are raising their heads and looking in the direction of the photographer.
The PRFC Parking Lot Deer.

What's growing in your garden? Stay tuned for more Garden in a Box updates and some quick and yummy recipes to use up your homegrown (or purchased!) veggies! Get on the list for Garden in a Box 2022 at!

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