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Our Volunteers are a GIFT!

Our volunteers are a gift! This subject has been written about before. It will doubtlessly be written about again. The statement is true and our volunteers are worth applauding each and every time.

Many view the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas as the "season of giving." I would like to take a moment to celebrate the people who help us generously and graciously all year long!

Five PRFC Volunteers pose for the camera in their finest Christmas gear including santa hats and reindeer antlers.
Our EAAA CSFP Elves distribute food and holiday cheer.

When I first started my role at PRFC, our delivery driver Rod Willey told me that I would meet really wonderful people while doing this work. He said that they would renew my faith in humanity. That's a big statement, but it has proven to be true. Every week, I find myself asking the community for help in some way. Every week they show up with enthusiasm.

Our volunteers are reliable. They show up in extreme heat. They show up in blowing winds and snow. They are happy to help with any task large or small. They don't ask for standing ovations or public recognition. I am grateful for their help again and again. They smile and chat and serve their community well. Many of our volunteers give their time to several organizations.

Our FarmShare for Homebound Seniors program has two wonderful customer service volunteers--Leslie and Roxy. Every week during the summer, they call about 20 people each to take their produce orders. It's basically a part-time job. As a phone-averse millennial, their ease on the telephone and their willingness to volunteer for this task is astounding to me. I asked them about their dedication to volunteer every week.

Roxy sits at a table surrounded by Christmas cards.
PRFC volunteer Roxy helping with our Christmas card list.

Roxy and Leslie both said that they love the relationships they have developed with our FarmShare Seniors.

Leslie said, "It's nice to have an ongoing connection to the people I would contact every week."

"I just enjoy doing it," said Roxy. "I get to know them."

Leslie is sitting at a table surrounded by papers and Christmas cards.
PRFC volunteer Leslie also helping with the Christmas card list.

"It's just a tiny little way to help," said Leslie. "If everyone had a tiny way to help, it would make a huge impact."

Thank you, PRFC volunteers!

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