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New Guest Choice Pantry to Open in 2023

Piscataquis Regional Food Center (PRFC) has completed its acquisition of the Dover Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard and unveiled a new name and distribution method.

“We believe it is time to bring our guests out of the parking lot and back into the food pantry,” stated PRFC Executive Director, Kelly Sirimoglu. “Outdoor, drive-through distributions were the correct choice during the pandemic and we never intended it to become permanent. It is time to engage with our guests, to enable them to choose the foods they enjoy instead of a prepacked box.”

The organization plans to end drive-through distributions, held twice each month early in 2023. The new Dover Foxcroft Area Food Center will be open 2 days a week and one Saturday each month to make it easier for those who wish to visit.

“For nearly three years our volunteers have worked outside, in the rain, wind, heat, and snow to ensure that everyone in need was served,” stated Becki Quimby, former DFAFC Board Treasurer and current Community and Volunteer Engagement Manager. “while we will still offer prepacked boxes to guests who prefer them, we will make appointments for guests to shop at the Food Center every Tuesday and Friday.”

The group says they will need more volunteers to fill new roles at the Food Center, from making appointments to stocking shelves, there will be regular volunteer opportunities available.

If you need assistance with food, please contact PRFC at (207) 802-8230 to learn about upcoming distributions and home deliveries.

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