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Lil Maryn + Whitney on Breakfast!

Are you a breakfast eater?

Yes, yes, and yes! Breakfast is my fav. I am often caught eating two breakfasts (or more like splitting up a larger breakfast into two smaller ones). What did I eat this morning? I had two scrambled eggs with tomatoes, nutritional yeast and Everything Bagel seasoning, an onion bagel (a treat my mom bought this weekend at the Farmer’s Market) with butter and avocado smeared across each piece; while I was cooking I ate pre-cut cantaloupe.

Many days I have eggs made scrambled (usually with veggies—don’t forget how easy it is to use frozen or leftover veggies), over-easy on toast/in a breakfast sandwich or as an egg bake. Did you know eggs provide healthy fats, iron, vitamins and minerals, and guess what—it is totally okay to eat the whole egg?! I get lots of questions about avoiding egg yolks. Most of the nutrients are found in the yolk. While the egg yolk does contain cholesterol, we are learning that saturated fat is more often the culprit for high cholesterol levels.

Avocados are a breakfast staple in our house, a great way to load up on fiber and healthy fat. My daughter will eat it by the fistful these days (just as she does with eggs, who has time for a fork when you are a year and a half old?). Avocado and tomato toast is a recent favorite; quick, easy, and nutritious. If all else fails and I am running out the door--peanut butter toast or English muffin is the top pick.

Before breakfast I aim to drink at least 16 oz of water so that I start my day feeling hydrated. This helps to wake me up, feel refreshed and not like I am playing catch-up all day in the water department. When I am lacking water, I feel more tired, sometimes lightheaded when I stand up and/or my lips are chapped.

What are your go-to and favorite breakfasts?

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