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Launching PRFC 2.0: It’s Time for a New Director!

PRFC turns 5 this year! I can hardly believe it - or how much has happened at the organization since we got our start in 2017. It’s even more amazing to think of what’s coming next. We’re getting ready to take some new exciting steps, including looking for a new Executive Director!

Since its humble beginnings as a community grant project exploring what people meant when they said they wanted better access to healthy food, PRFC has become a central player in Piscataquis County’s hunger relief effort. We move close to 1 million pounds of food a year from Good Shepherd Food Bank and regional farms to 14 food pantries in Piscataquis, Dexter, Corinna, and Newport. We also operate a small home delivery program to get healthy foods to seniors who aren’t able to leave their homes. About 50 people benefit from that program, in body, mind, and spirit. PRFC was also instrumental during the first year of COVID when there was a need to distribute hundreds of thousands of pounds of emergency food made available by the USDA. A lot of you saw us in action over at the Piscataquis Ice Arena parking lot, loading boxes of food into hundreds of cars coming from as many as 40 towns. Those “mega” distributions took 20 volunteers to pull off, plus our own staff, but we did it with ease – 8 times! Never, ever, could I have imagined PRFC being called on to fill such an important role or being able to step up to such a huge challenge.

That’s often the case with an organization like PRFC: you don’t always know what’s coming next. But you do need to be ready for new and bigger challenges! That’s where PRFC is right now: getting ready to keep growing and preparing for change. One big change is that I’ll be stepping out of my role as Executive Director sometime this year – perhaps sooner rather than later! - and taking on new responsibilities at the organization. My work has been to get PRFC started and build a solid foundation for its future. Now it’s time – the right time - to hand the reigns over to a new director. I'm proud to announce that we've posted the E.D. position on our website (click here to learn more). Take a look and please share the job opening far and wide. If you know someone who would be interested in the position – is it you? – encourage them to apply. I can’t wait to meet the person who will guide the PRFC into its next 5 years and beyond. Happy Birthday, PRFC! Exciting times are ahead!

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