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Kicking Off FarmShare for Homebound Seniors 2020!

We officially kicked off FarmShare for Homebound Seniors a little bit before we had planned, because Erin simply couldn't resist the allure of Stutzmans' strawberries!

This early kick-off is a reflection of prioritizing returning autonomy within the food system to homebound individuals. Often, people who are homebound have much less choice in what they eat than people who can go to the grocery store themselves and hand-pick items that they like. If these customers were able to get to the farm themselves, they would know that strawberries had arrived and would be able to purchase them if they wanted to. We want to give them the same opportunity, even though we're taking on the pickup, packing, and delivering it right to their doors!

Therefore, when Erin learned strawberries and peas were available at one of our partnering farms, our Community Food Services Coordinator, Merrilee, jumped right into calling our participants that receive food from Stutzman's to check if they'd like to order some!

One of our customers and her caregiver decided to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie, and were nice enough to send us a picture! We love seeing and hearing how people are using their produce from our FarmShare program, so feel free to send recipes, pictures, updates, and more to!

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