Generational Farming with the Wyman's

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Marilyn Wyman sits on the porch of the farm stand wearing a mask. She sits next to a planter of pink flowers. The sun is shining. The sign on the farmstand reads "Wymans Farm Fresh Vegetables and Hay"
Marilyn enjoys the morning sun at the Farm Stand in Milo, Maine

"It's the first day of corn [so] it's busier than ever!"

Ears of corn line a mauve shelf inside the farmstand
Beautiful ears of corn line the farm-stand shelves.

Marilyn sits behind the counter with a blue patterned mask on while one of the farm cats, Leonardo, lounges. Immediately Holly and I go to pet the (informal) Wyman's mascot.

She smiles. I had just asked her if we had her permission to photograph her and the farm and ask a few questions. "Cats can be the star- they don't need to wear a mask!" We each chuckle.

An orange and white cat drapes across the check-out counter at the farm

Richard is unloading the mornings cucumbers from a large tote. "Oh, they're just foolish". He turns to look at Leonardo and Marilyn replies, "They're cats!".

Marilyn proceeds to share the goings-ons about the farm. "Tomatoes are ripening slowly. Like every year, it's the same way. We got a lot of zucchini and summer squash. Cauliflower and broccoli. The cabbage is doing great, onions too."

I ask Marilyn how long she's been at this. Marilyn smiles. "Since 1970.... Long time huh?"