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Food Mobile in Dexter

You may have seen the news circulating about a generous donation from the Wireless Zone Foundation of Giving that we shared last #FoodCenterFriday. Their help really made this day possible! Here are more photos of that day getting food out to folks out in Dexter at the first ever, local Food Mobile!

Covid-19 has made getting food on the table especially tough. Thanks to their donation we've been able to fast-track the purchase of a refrigerated box truck that was used on July 1st at the first-ever Mobile Food Pantry Distribution event. This box truck will allow for much more of these events throughout Piscataquis County.

3000 pounds of food was distributed last week to 125 individuals! This truck, as well as a van, is being used to reach homebound seniors delivering locally grown produce and commodity food boxes. Later this year, pallets of food will be able to make their way from the Good Shepherd Food Bank back to Piscataquis county making, our impact that much greater and more efficient. With the support from this grant, the cost of these distributions will be covered for the rest of the year AND we'll be able to procure more food to deliver to the folks in need who live in more remote areas of our region.

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