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Food Center Friday: Vote Vote Vote!

Hello everyone!

It's Food Center Friday, and we have more exciting news to share! Piscataquis Regional Food Center has been nominated for Bangor Savings Bank Foundation's Community Matters More! This very generous nomination means, with your help, we can potentially win up to $5,000! The Foundation is giving more that $140,000 to 55 local New England nonprofit organizations, and we are so grateful for the nomination and the opportunity to reach more people with our work.

The Food Center strives to eradicate food insecurity, and also serve as a community-connecting entity; this means helping folks obtain food, helping local farmers, food distributors, food entrepreneurs, and the Piscataquis region as a whole!

In order to do our work, we rely heavily on grant money; grants have allowed us to do a lot of the great work we've done in the last few years, but an extra boost would be very helpful for us!

Head over to to vote for Piscataquis Regional Food Center! Thank you for all of your support!

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