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Food Center Friday: Winter Fun

Hello everyone!

Here at the PR Food Center we're getting ready for a winter full of fun, snow, and that hearty Mainer spirit that we love so much. We're also preparing for our Human Foosball World Cup Fundraiser at Bissell Brothers Three Rivers in Milo - it's tomorrow from 12-8! Last March we hosted a winter carnival, and some of those fun games will be traveling to Milo with us on Saturday! It's going to be a fun, family-friendly event with games for kids and of course human foosball.

What is your favorite way to stay active or occupy your time during the winter around Piscataquis? We're always looking for new ideas. My favorite things to do are snowshoe & cross-country ski, knit, practice yoga, and run a few miles at the gym! I also like to check out events near me on Facebook and on the Maine Public community calendar! Here's the link to that in case you're interested:​

Happy holidays and winter solstice!


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