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Guest Blogger Wednesday: Turning Page Farm

After 20 years of corporate “success” running from plane to plane eating soggy lettuce filled sandwiches from airport lounges, we could not help but question if the reward was worth the effort. As we ascended rung after rung on the corporate ladder, we began to realize the limited view never actually changed. At some point we lost interest in what we were supposed to be chasing.


This chapter of our lives is about cultivating Joy by courageously following our passions. Growing our small artisanal goat dairy, making cheeses and hand milking our herd is a dream come true for Joy. Tim’s passion is craft beer and our small batch brewery and greenhouse tasting room have been a hit with tourists and locals alike.

We love connecting our customers to their food/drink. Meeting the goats that make our cheese so delicious gives people a new perspective on local food supply. Our customers see how we raise our pigs in the forest, feed them on whey from cheese making and spent grains from beer brewing which makes for sweet, tender pork you can’t get on a large scale. It’s important to know where our food comes from and if you can name the farmer as well as the name of their goats you learn the value of buying local. "Small Town-Small Batch" is our motto and keeps us grounded here in Monson and Piscataquis County.

If you started a new chapter in your life, how would it read?

Ours reads: do work that stirs your soul, focus on fresh local ingredients, and strengthen community.

Turn a page with us and taste our intentions with every bite/sip.

-- Joy Bueschen

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