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Food Center Friday

Today is Food Center Friday, so we want to share about what is going on over here at the PR Food Center! It's been a busy week of delivering commodities to homebound seniors, coordinating holiday plans, re-adjusting to communicating through using social media, and attending a wonderful Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) community-based learning initiative conference. A grant from MeHAF has made a lot of the work that we've done here at the PR Food Center in the last 6 years possible, so we couldn't be happier to convene with other grant recipients and learn from each other.

Here is a photo of Erin & Merrilee presenting at the MeHAF conference!

Wrapping up this conference, we focused a lot on the idea of gratitude. Gratitude within our staff, within our communities, and also within ourselves. During this chaotic time of year, make sure to take a few moments to think about and express gratitude. The PR Food Center staff is so incredibly grateful to be part of the Piscataquis community; we are grateful for folks welcoming us into their lives and homes, grateful for everyone who volunteers with us, and grateful that we have the opportunity to serve such a great county! Thanksgiving is coming up very quickly, and whatever that holiday might mean for you, practicing gratitude is always a wonderful way to celebrate.

Something that is in the works, which you'll hear much more about soon, is our annual Winter Fundraiser at Bissell Brothers Three Rivers in Milo! We'll have a very exciting human foosball tournament (with the chance to win some cool prizes) going on, and we can't wait to see you all! We have high hopes of a great turnout, so make sure to mark your calendars when we make our official announcement!

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