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First Annual Winter Carnival

Our First Annual Winter Carnival has come and gone. On Saturday, March 2nd, PR Food Center hosted the first of many such events to celebrate winter, family, and share with the community about who we are and what we are doing to fight hunger. It was a fun-filled day with lots of smiling, laughter, and sticky maple taffy faces.

There is not enough gratitude in our hearts for all the businesses, volunteers, and community members who made this day such a success. I, personally, could not have done any of it without the support of our volunteers Merrilee Schoen, Amber Tibbets, Cherilyn Young, and all of the students who came in with ideas and brainstormed together on the games, painting, and all the million little things I didn't have time to get to. The day literally would not have come to fruition without these selfless group who gave up their time, and school vacation time, to give back to the community. Special thanks to The Varney Agency and True Value Hardware for being Foosball Arena Sponsors, and all of the other businesses who donated as well.

We think we did pretty good for our first year if the smiles and feedback are anything to go by...check out all of the fun and smiles had by all below! Melissa McKusick of Dover-Foxcroft shared that her kids, "both enjoyed making art in the snow and my son probably would have spent the day doing human foosball!" And we did have our two mascots, Slushy the Penguin and The Yeti show up for the fun too.

And, we can't forget my favorite station, Maple Taffy! Once our taffy staff mastered the the maple, it was my favorite part of the day--outside of Foosball of course.

To see more photos of the Winter Carnival extravaganza, head over to our Winter Carnival page.

PR Food Center is truly about community--bringing people together with a common goal of strength and support, access to food and to fun! Kim Cavanagh of Dover-Foxcroft told us, "It was a unique, fun winter experience, that served the additional dual purposes of educating the community about area food needs and identifying families with this important service. And Natalie, Kim's daughter added, "the sugar on snow was amazing and tasty." We are working diligently to help community members in need gain access to healthy food. The donations of the businesses who sponsored the event, and every single person who came out to support us and donate, furthers our mission that much more. While we LOVED Winter Carnival, we are ready for spring so we can share all of the exciting things happening here at PR Food Center in the coming months. We are still raising funds for our Winter Carnival goal, so if you haven't donated yet, there is still time to support our Winter Carnival Campaign . 100% of your donation goes to Getting Food Moving to those in need. Thanks for reading! Love, TMak

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