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Diabetes stinks. (Literally. Insulin smells like cheap band aids) I found out I had diabetes when I was 20. It takes a toll. You get sick, you get tired, you get what I call “diabetes burn out”. All the testing, carrying around all your supplies wherever you go, doctor appointments, counting carbs… it can be a lot to deal with. I honestly wouldn’t wish diabetes on my worst enemy.

Diabetes is something you carry around with you every day. You can have a good life with it, though. Taking care of yourself is key. It is not something I have done consistently, though, and I have to deal with the consequences.

It’s a personal journey I have been on for all these years, and it is something I need to work on daily.

There are many misconceptions about diabetes out there. No, people don’t get diabetes from eating too much sugar. No, it’s not necessarily caused by being overweight. Yes, we can have treats.(We’re human, not dead! lol)

Sometimes, people think they are being helpful and start giving out unsolicited advice or becoming the “Food Police”. Speaking as a person with diabetes, we thank you for your concern, but it’s not helping. Food shaming is never helpful to anyone in any situation. Everyone is different, and everyone’s diabetes is different. We can eat anything you can, we just have to do it responsibly. If you want dessert, you might want to not have a big, starchy meal first. You need to adjust your portions and your insulin dose.

If I had one piece of advice for diabetics and non-diabetics alike, it’s this: take care of yourself. Do the things you need to do to be healthy, even if it’s a pain. Even if you think you don’t have time. Even if it means you’re different from everyone else.

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