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Food Center Spotlight- Theresa

Hey All, My name is Theresa, or TMak as I am known around here. I am a Goodwill Americorps VISTA at PRFoodCenter. What do you want to know more about, what a VISTA is or why I let people call me TMak?

VISTA stands for Volunteers In Service To America. I made a choice to volunteer a year of service to my community. Americorps pays me a living stipend in exchange for working to end poverty in the U.S.A. That's a lot of fancy terms for trying to make the community I live in and am raising my children in a better place.

Before becoming a VISTA, I worked in our school systems as a Substitute Teacher and run my own business from home. Working with kids is what eventually led me to the doorstep of Erin Callaway and PRFC. We all know what it feels like to be hungry. But can you imagine what it does to you day in and day out while you are trying to learn? Kids are my passion and I want to make sure every child in our school has enough to eat so that they can learn and work to their maximum potential.

What do I do here at PRFC? What don't I do? I am the web designer (I'm always looking for feedback so tell me your likes and dislikes about our page!), social media guru, brainstormer, and project builder. Those ads you see at Center Theatre or in the newspaper--I create those (with a lot of help from my friends)! I am working at improving and implementing our current programs as well as creating new ones. I get to hang out with the Charlotte White Center Rising Star program and create our monthly Spice Drive recipe and samples. But best of all, I get to make a difference every day in the lives of the seniors, children, and families that are working to get a hand up and build a better life and community.

Why TMak? Well, growing up I always thought I had a very uncommon name. I learned I was wrong--there are Theresa's and Teresa's and more Tresa's floating around here! So, I go by a really cool moniker (props to my good friend Jen for creating it for me) so we know WHO we are talking about and too. And, I'm just cool like that ;) Who doesn't love a kicking nickname?!!?

If you want to learn more about our programs, helping the community, or any of the other crazy things in my brain, you can shoot me an email at or try and catch me as I run all over the county--I'm the one wearing the SuperHero T-shirt (it says VISTA on it).

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