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What's Happening at PRFC

We are so excited to be seeing some major changes happening here at PRFC! Amy and Theresa have moved into their new office space, Erin actually has doors on her office, and we almost have a new bathroom. Bathroom doors are just a minor issue, right?

While we are excited about what's happening inside the physical space, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes as well. We will be getting new insulation and heat pumps installed next week, which means we stop huddling in Amy's work space for warmth, but we will actually be able to start utilizing the warehouse to begin storing food! Our FSHS program is just about complete for the year and we are looking at how we can continue working with this group throughout the winter season. The growing season may be over, but we love our seniors so much we don't want to lose touch with them.

Theresa will be winding up with her "What Is Hunger" work with local schools. She has been talking to local elementary and middle schools about what hunger really is and how we can all work together to find solutions and help our neighbors in need.

There is more exicitng things to come so stay tuned!

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