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Think About it Thursday


Have you ever thought, really thought, about what it means to live with Food Insecurity? Day in and day out, not having enough affordable, healthy food available to you.

Food Insecurity

Do you wonder what it would feel like to open the refrigerator or pantry only to find it bare? When you are hungry, how does that make you feel? I know I can't focus on my tasks, I feel a little sick, and I certainly am not the nicest person to be around! Now, put yourself in the shoes of someone who can't run to the store to grab some groceries, or prepare a nutritious meal. Nearly 3,000 people (or almost 17%) in our county face this challenge each and every day. This includes children who are trying to learn, seniors, and families.

This Thursday, try going through your day without the food you need to learn, grow, work, and feel good. Share with us your stories, your thoughts on why so many people don't have the resources they need for affordable, healthy food.

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