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We Need Volunteers!

Piscataquis Healthy Food For All is looking for volunteers for this year's FarmShare For Homebound Seniors program. We are looking for people to help pack produce orders and to deliver produce to our customers in the Monson/Greenville area. Stipends will be provided for these positions.

You can read the full volunteer position descriptions below and if you're interested in helping seniors in our county get fresh produce this summer, click HERE to fill out a volunteer application!

Volunteer Position: Packing​ ​Farm​ ​Produce


● Fill orders at the farm after Order Forms have been collected. ● Tape the Order Form to the customer bag once packing is complete. Remember the Order Form serves as the customer’s receipt. ● Whether printed or handwritten, place each customer register receipt into an envelope with their name on it. ● These receipts are given back to the Phone Order volunteer so they can tell the customer exactly how much is left on their share when they take the next order. ● You are responsible for communicating the remaining balance to the Phone Order volunteer for the next delivery.

Skills Needed:

● Be able to stay organized ● Be able to complete one task at a time ● Be able to do basic math ● Write legibly ● Pack produce mindfully ● Complete tasks in a timely manner

Time Required: 1-2 hours each day of/day before delivery

Volunteer Position: Delivering​ ​Farm​ ​Produce


● Pick up packed orders and deliver to senior’s home. ● Be mindful of specific delivery requests. Look on the individual Order Form for details. ● Respect the senior’s home and space when delivering. ● Deliver in a timely fashion. It’s alright to spend a few minutes socializing with the seniors in their home. This is part of being a bright spot in their day!

Skills Needed:

● Be respectful ● Be punctual ● Exercise good time management ● Be reliable ● Be able to stick to a schedule ● Be able to lift heavy bags (10-20 lbs) ● Have reliable transportation and carry a valid driver’s license ● Auto insurance required

Time Required: 1-2 hr delivery time

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