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Welcome to Cece's Corner!  Join us as area kids explore the community, learn about food, and about being healthy. Read their blogs to find out about recipes, activities, and  adventures.

May 29

Container Gardening!


Edited: May 29

While Cece and Lilly have not had the chance to bring you another fun week of Cece's Corner, the grown-ups here at Piscataquis Regional Food Center wanted to share this adorable video about making a container garden with children. Part art project, part learning about foods, all kinds of fun!


Did you know that "seeds, plants, and trees that produce food intended for consumption (including those that are used to produce spices for use in cooking) by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) households may be purchased with SNAP benefits.  This can include products such as cucumber seeds, tomato plants, and apple trees.  In addition, food producing roots, bushes, and bulbs (e.g. asparagus roots and strawberry bushes) are eligible items."  Parents, you can check out this blog from the USDA regarding gardening and utilizing SNAP benefits!


Have a great week


New Posts
  • info485670
    Jun 24

    This school year my class worked with Miss Trisha to build a school garden. I really like working in the garden with her. She is a lot of fun and knows a lot about plants and gardening! We learned about weeds, what to pull and what are plants that are just starting out. There was lettuce ready to eat, so we each got to pick some and bring some home! I get to make salad tonight. Miss Trisha also helped us learn how to make a flower crown, shared names of flowers, and correct names of flowers, because scientists call flowers different names than we do sometimes. We also learned how to make mint water. It was really easy to make. You pick mint leaves off the plant, rip them into tiny pieces and then pit them into water to soak. It's yummy! I really like working in the garden and learning lots of new things. It makes me happy to spend time with Miss Trisha too. I can't wait to share with you our next adventure. Take Care! Cece
  • info485670
    Apr 22

    During April vacation I got to work with Miss Trisha from the Extension office and a bunch of other kids on our school community garden. It was really cold and kinda rainy but I had a lot of fun. My friend Lilly and I got to plant peas, carrots, and radishes. Lilly's mom was excited to learn that you can plant carrot and radish seeds in the same row. They said you can do it because the seeds grow differently and get bigger at different times. If you have a small garden it can save a lot of room. Miss Trisha showed us how to move the dirt around and get the place ready for our seeds. Then she showed us all how to make rows for the seeds to go in. I got to put lots of seeds in the ground. We even saw a bunch of worms in the ground! Miss Trisha said worms are really important for the ground and for plants. They make air holes in the ground! It was really fun to work with a bunch of people and plant seeds. I can't wait to try them when they are ready. My mom got some seeds for us to plant at home, but she says it's too early and cold for our seeds. Maybe I'll write about that later. Love, Cece
  • info485670
    Feb 25

    Hi everyone, it’s me, Cece! It is February vacation week, so I got to go with my Mom and Auntie to their cooking class. It is called Cooking Matters. I got to help them make Roasted Vegetables with Pasta. https://cookingmatters.org/recipes/pasta-roasted-vegetables There were more people there cooking as well. Some of them chopped vegetables and let me scrape the veggies from the cutting board into the bowl. Then I measured some oil and salt and pepper to add in the bowl and I stirred it all up. Then I put it on a pan for it to go in the oven for a little while. I think we had 100 pounds of cauliflower! While the vegetables were cooking in the oven, my Mom started making the pasta. It was those twisty ones, but Miss Whitney said you can use whatever kind you want. She said it’s important to use “whole grain” foods because they are healthier for you. The noodles were browner than the other kind, but they tasted so good! While my group made pasta, the other group made Baked Flaked Chicken. https://cookingmatters.org/recipes/baked-flaked-chicken It’s not really flaked; it’s made with corn flakes! I wish I had gotten to crush them up for the coating. At the end, we all got to try everything. It was so so so good! I have never had all those vegetables in the pasta, like summer squash and mushrooms. I liked it so much, I asked my Mom to make it at home! You should try these recipes at your home, too! If you do, let me know! See you later, Cece