Our Mission is to improve food security in the Piscataquis Region by connecting people with sources of healthy food.

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Welcome to Cece's Corner!  Join us as area kids explore the community, learn about food, and about being healthy. Read their blogs to find out about recipes, activities, and  adventures.

Jun 24

This school year my class worked with Miss Trisha to build a school garden. I really like working in the garden with her. She is a lot of fun and knows a lot about plants and gardening! We learned
Apr 22

During April vacation I got to work with Miss Trisha from the Extension office and a bunch of other kids on our school community garden. It was really cold and kinda rainy but I had a lot of fun. My
Jan 22

Sesame Street has always been known to be one of the best entertainment based learning tools out there for children. They have also been all inclusive throughout its long run on PBS, notably with dif
Nov 7, 2018

Hi everyone! In honor of the Kitchen Gadget Drive this month, I thought I would tell you all about some of the gadgets in my Auntie's kitchen drawer. I hope you can donate something to the Gadget Dr
Sep 18, 2018

Last Saturday, I went apple picking with my family in my great grandparents’ orchard. An orchard is where there are lots of apple trees. It was so much fun! I got to climb the ladder and pick my ow
Aug 16, 2018

My friend Kaydience came to the PR Food Center today with her Mimi. She brought her favorite snack to share with us--cherry tomatos! They are so sweet and tasted like candy when we ate them. There
Aug 10, 2018

Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about my FAVORITE fruit ever: STRAWBERRIES!!!! Strawberries are red and juicy. They have tiny little seeds on them. Did you know that strawberries grow fr
May 29

While Cece and Lilly have not had the chance to bring you another fun week of Cece's Corner, the grown-ups here at Piscataquis Regional Food Center wanted to share this adorable video about making a c
Feb 25

Hi everyone, it’s me, Cece! It is February vacation week, so I got to go with my Mom and Auntie to their cooking class. It is called Cooking Matters. I got to help them make Roasted Vegetables with
Nov 27, 2018

Hi everyone! The other day at school, Miss Trisha from the Cooperative Extension office brought a whole bunch of pumpkin to my school. My 2nd grade class got to make pumpkin seed snacks! They tasted
Oct 11, 2018

Hi it's me Cece! My friend Lilly came to the Food Center the other day with her mom and we got to help with a big job. We took a bunch of the food that people dropped off to give to the food cupboard
Sep 11, 2018

Hi everyone! It’s Cece! Today, I want to show you a Hunger Action Month activity. My Nana and I drew what we think a healthy meal should look like. I drew lots of fruit on mine and a mint leaf. Fr
Aug 13, 2018

Today my Auntie and I made some cool things using fruit! We made cars and turtles. For the cars, we used 2 of my favorite fruit - berries and bananas! We peeled a banana. Then with a knife, we s