Gratitude for our Guest Bloggers

We're so grateful for all of the folks that have been part of our Guest Blogger Wednesdays! PR Food Center always has something interesting going on, but we really care about hearing new stories and perspectives from community members, partners, and people that are serving the Piscataquis community in different ways. We feel very lucky to consider ourselves "web-weavers," because we get to network with people that are doing like-minded work and the folks who actually make up the community. Our guest bloggers thus far all have different jobs, roles, and life perspectives, but were generous enough to donate a little bit of their time to write and reflect upon their work and their backgrounds.

Food Center Friday: Cooking with the Rising Stars & Dreamcatchers!

This Wednesday, Merrilee and I had the pleasure of cooking with the Rising Stars and the Dreamcatchers, groups of very enthusiastic and fun volunteers from Charlotte White! It was my first time meeting them and attending a cooking day, and I had so much fun watching them chop, stir, pour, mash, and prepare the Spice Drive samples for the distribution today at the Dover-Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard. Since beginning my service here at PRFC, I've done lots of behind-the-scenes work with Spice Drive; there is a lot of planning and coordination that goes on, but I finally feel like I understand what Spice Drive is all about. The first part of Spice Drive is providing spices to food cupboard patron

Spicing up the Cupboard in 2020

Last week Holly and I spent some time with folks attending the Dover-Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard to get their input on our Spice Drive program. You've probably seen our monthly posts with a featured Spice of the Month and how to donate a container to the Dover-Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard from one of our participating stores. What you might not be aware of is the behind the scenes work and planning that's done. As much as we can, we try an include the folks that take home spices from the food cupboard, in on our planning process. Often times our spice selection is determined by the participating stores spice selection and availability. This year though we are in good standing to do our best w

Wednesdays with Whitney

New Year, New You? Nah, we like you just the way you are. Inevitably with any new year, or decade, we reflect on the past and look towards the future. We gear ourselves up for all the exciting things we want to accomplish and all the things we want to improve on. Those resolution lists can become long and daunting. Often, they get so long we don’t know where to start and end up ditching it until the next year rolls around. As a brand-new mom I am finding it particularly important, both for my sanity and health—to keep it simple. My 2020 list isn’t necessarily loaded with new goals, it is essentially sticking to what I know works and re-focusing. Here is an inside look at my nutrition related

Food Stories Part 5: Rural Life for a Senior Artist, Machinist and BirdHouse Maker

Many of the folks who qualify and receive assistance through our FarmShare for Homebound Seniors program and other services we facilitate have a wonderfully rich tapestry of life stories. These folks aren't just our customers. Their lives have expanded and changed and turned in ways we only know a little bit about. Often we only get a glimpse of their story through screening forms and income guidelines. So when we are able to make time here at the PR Food Center to visit with folks we deliver food to, it is particularly joyful. We got permission from Richard to interview him using an audio recorder. Included in this most recent Food Stories edition is an edited transcript excerpt. Bree and I

Wednesday Guest Bloggers: Karen King and Debbie Logercio

Why do I volunteer at our local FoodCupboard? I love this question. It gives me the opportunity to express how fun, and rewarding it is. The people we serve from our communities are a joy to see twice a month. It is a time filled with "catch up conversations" and food talk. I love being able to help provide food for our community. My favorites are the fresh produce we get from GoodShepherd food bank and Ripley farm. Exchanging how to cook and preserve these great foods is a learning experience for all of us. Our community partners are so supportive in giving consumers ways to donate and help our FoodCupboard serve those in need. The relationships we build are the best part of volunteering f

Our Mission is to improve food security in the Piscataquis Region by connecting people with sources of healthy food.

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