Our Mission is to improve food security in the Piscataquis Region by connecting people with sources of healthy food.

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Guest Blogger Wednesday: Russ Carr

How did I get here? A typical family was a bit larger in the 50s, 60, than it is today. If a family was considered poor (financially), most local folks were aware of those families. I was in one of those families, 5 older sisters, 2 younger brothers, Mom, Dad, a dog, a cat, some chickens, a rooster and piglet each spring, my Dad would give it a name each year. I remember "pork chop" the most. Small cottage size house, no plumbing, which meant no running water, no toilet, and only a wood stove for heat. A neighbor lady Bea came by and dropped off 2 boxes full of food. It was like Christmas. Once a month all 10 of us would pile into the station wagon and go to the town office to receive a Gove

'Foosing' it Up for Food

I honestly thought Steve -- my husband and PRFC partner extraordinaire -- was nuts when he said we should build a human foosball arena and hold tournaments to raise money to support our organization's mission to connect people in need with sources of healthy food. I knew exactly what he was talking about: he and I caught our first glimpse of human foosball in action the first year we went to Winter Carnival in Quebec City. People were having a crazy good time knocking the ball around, whooping it up, trying to score goals and beat the other team. And they were just playing for the sake of playing! But could we get people here in Piscataquis to play? More important, would he really be able to

Food Center Friday: Winter Fun

Hello everyone! Here at the PR Food Center we're getting ready for a winter full of fun, snow, and that hearty Mainer spirit that we love so much. We're also preparing for our Human Foosball World Cup Fundraiser at Bissell Brothers Three Rivers in Milo - it's tomorrow from 12-8! Last March we hosted a winter carnival, and some of those fun games will be traveling to Milo with us on Saturday! It's going to be a fun, family-friendly event with games for kids and of course human foosball. If you're able to come, here is the link to sign up or donate: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/piscataquis-regional-food-center/2019-human-foosball-winter-world-cup?fbclid=IwAR2joLXI67WhBU-t_v2s5kguRR1-wJ

Food Center Spotlight: Holly

Hi everyone! My name is Holly Rutherford and I am Piscataquis Regional Food Center's new Goodwill Americorps VISTA. During my year-long term at the PR Food Center, I'll be working to serve folks in Piscataquis County! Our work here is about getting food "moving," meaning I'm here to help community members better access food and improve food security in the county. I recently gradauted from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL with a degree in Environmental Science, and the concentration of my studies was sustainable agriculture. I have also been working seasonally on organic farms for about 4 years, primarily in Maine's midcoast region, but I've additionally worked and lived on farms in Cent

Wednesdays with Whitney

Are there any foods I should eat to help my mood? If only there were a “happy” foods list, right?! Guess what--there are no certain foods we should eat to make us happy and it would likely be a different list for each of us anyways. There are of course foods to eat more of to encourage overall health. It is important to eat foods that we enjoy eating and that also make us happy. Maybe it is warm bowl of oatmeal that makes us think of a snowy morning or a fresh apple off the tree that makes us smile to think back on apple picking with siblings. While there is no one food or group of foods that will necessarily help our moods, there is a connection between our nutrition and how we fuel our bod

Food Center Friday: An Extra Christmassy Day at PRFC

Food cupboard distribution days are always busy - and loud! Sitting in my office, which adjoins the space in which the Dover Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard operates, I hear the murmur of volunteers chatting with customers, warehouse carts rolling down the hallway, doors being opened and closed, and the thump of boxes as shelves are stocked and restocked. Behind me, the cars on the gravel herald the folks who are coming to pick up food, filled shopping carts rattle across the parking lot, and trunks slam shut as people get ready to head back home. I can hear laughter through the window as volunteers and customers part ways for the day. The whole space comes alive with all the activity. The energ

Guest Blogger Wednesday: Tyler from Mayo Regional Hospital

Tyler Parkhurst is the Nutrition Services Supervisor at Mayo Regional Hospital in Dover-Foxcroft. It is a duty to give back and contribute to your community. We all have unique abilities, perspectives and opportunities to strengthen those around us when we choose to give our time. Working with the Piscataquis Regional Food Cupboard (PRFC for those in the know), has been one of the ways I have been able to do this. The PRFC’s monthly Spice Drive program spotlights an herb or spice that is an alternative to salt as an addition to your meal, providing a more healthful way to add flavor to your cooking and avoiding added salt which is problematic for so many. Through a hands-on class that occurs

Food Stories Part 4: "Farm Life was the Best Life- It was out of necessity"

"Just call me gutsy!" Virginia remarks, with a smile. We're sitting in her kitchen on a sunny late morning. Virginia has been a FarmShare customer since 2017. She heard about us through an ad in the paper way back when PR Food Center was known as Piscataquis Healthy Food For All and we toured with Piscataquis Thriving In Place meeting seniors in the region. Currently Virginia receives FarmShare from the Helio's Horsepower Farm in Guilford. Almost every time we call Virginia to take her order she urges us to pass along good words to the farmers Lizzy and Andrea. She makes sure we let them know how much she appreciates their hard work and wonderful produce. I was struck throughout the visit wi