Our Mission is to improve food security in the Piscataquis Region by connecting people with sources of healthy food.

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DIY Community Share Shed

TAKE WHAT YOU NEED SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE On a drive back from a conference, Trisha Smith, myself and Erin began discussing (as we often do) simple ways to incorporate local produce in our communities. Trisha suggested a Sharing Table- a concept that is gaining momentum and has its roots pretty deep in gestures of neighborhood connecting and resource exchange. You may have seen Little Free Library stands in the community, which using the same concept of giving what one has and feeling free to take what one needs. In Dover-Foxcroft, there is a Little Free Library outside of Center Coffeehouse, the Thompson Free Library entryway/parlour and recently I stumbled across one in Bangor, outside of Pad

Guest Blogger Wednesday: Turning Page Farm

After 20 years of corporate “success” running from plane to plane eating soggy lettuce filled sandwiches from airport lounges, we could not help but question if the reward was worth the effort. As we ascended rung after rung on the corporate ladder, we began to realize the limited view never actually changed. At some point we lost interest in what we were supposed to be chasing. IT WAS TIME TO TURN THE PAGE. This chapter of our lives is about cultivating Joy by courageously following our passions. Growing our small artisanal goat dairy, making cheeses and hand milking our herd is a dream come true for Joy. Tim’s passion is craft beer and our small batch brewery and greenhouse tasting room

Food Center Friday

Today is Food Center Friday, so we want to share about what is going on over here at the PR Food Center! It's been a busy week of delivering commodities to homebound seniors, coordinating holiday plans, re-adjusting to communicating through using social media, and attending a wonderful Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) community-based learning initiative conference. A grant from MeHAF has made a lot of the work that we've done here at the PR Food Center in the last 6 years possible, so we couldn't be happier to convene with other grant recipients and learn from each other. Wrapping up this conference, we focused a lot on the idea of gratitude. Gratitude within our staff, within our comm

Diving in to the world of Pre- and Probiotics with Whitney

I’m just so confused…what is all this talk about pre- and probiotics? Many of us have likely heard of probiotics. And, if so, you might think of your gut, yogurt or a supplement. You are right on track. Prebiotics might be a less heard of term, though we are hearing about them more and more. Let’s dive in! Probiotics are live, active microorganisms. They are mainly bacteria, however, can also be yeast. They indeed can have health benefits stemming in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). What exactly do they do? Well, they help to digest, ferment and break down the foods we eat. Would you believe that these microbes out number our human cells within the body? We have trillions of these “fri

The Power of Food and Fond Memories

Theresa will be 92 years young on March 4th. Her tenacity to impart sage phrases and share snippets of her history with Stutzman's was a part of why we wanted to spend some time with her. We carved out a little time on delivery day to go beyond simply knowing her as a long-time FSHS customer. Theresa is familiar with the value of fresh vegetables in large part to “growing up on a little farm with a great big garden.” As a kid she was raised with a cow, chickens and a pig. With vigor she tells us how "I love fresh vegetables!". As Theresa shared with us these slices of life, her genuine zest for life and raising fresh food shines through. “I always say that's why I'm living now—eating all tho