Our Mission is to improve food security in the Piscataquis Region by connecting people with sources of healthy food.

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How to Cut Calories? With a knife! Whitney shares Tips + Tricks on Calories

How can you cut calories when cooking? Do you have any simple tips and tricks? With a knife, of course! --The diet and health claims that bombard us daily from the internet, coworkers and advertisements never fail to amaze me. Depending who you ask or what fad diet someone is following, you will hear a variety of different methods on how to cut back on calories. As for simple tips and tricks, my number one recommendation is simple--be mindful. What are you using for fat? Butter, shortening, olive oil, coconut oil etc. Because we have so many options it can be a chore just to figure out what to use. To decrease saturated fat (and calories) selecting a vegetable-based oil can be a great solut

VISTA Views: Keeping an Eye on Design

Hey Everyone! It’s your local PR Food Center designer, Evie! With my 10 week VISTA opportunity coming to a close, I thought it might be nice to reflect a little on the many things I’ve been able to accomplish during my time here. If you may recall my initial bio, I went to school to study graphic design and digital media. It was the best choice I could’ve made for my higher education, and I learned so much about marketing, strategy, and design languages. After graduating, working for the PR Food Center provided me with the monumental opportunity to use just about every trade in my skill set; illustration and animation, publication, typography and photography. Even web design! When building a

Meet Your Farmers: Helios Horsepower Farm

On the first of May, Theresa and I visited the Helios Horsepower Farm in Guilford. Though it was sunny, it was one of those early spring days that still held on to the crisp thaw of winter. The chill was made more apparent by the wind that swept around us as we toured the farm and watched Lizzie and Billy the horse cultivate rows and rows of produce beds. Due to the high winds that morning, we’ve had to cut several pieces of the interview, but we hope you enjoy the snippets that were clear enough to share. Helios Horsepower Farm has partnered with Piscataquis Regional Food Center now for two seasons. They raise produce for our program FarmShare for Homebound Seniors, serving customers in Gre

Food Stories- Milo Summer Meals

My experience helping at the Free Summer Meals Program in the Milo town hall has been quite rewarding. It is a pleasure to serve the children in the Milo area, and even more exciting to be in direct contact with them to witness first-hand their need and appreciation for this program. I’d like to share a story from my time at the program last Thursday. It was a slow day and only a few kids had been in for their lunch. This can sometimes be disappointing, as we generally like to feed as many as possible. I stood in the doorway of the kitchen watching the door, anxiously hoping to see little heads bobbing up the steps for their free meal. Before long, I saw a family with a small boy go into the

Food Center Spotlight- Bree

Hey, Everyone! I’m Bree. I work at Piscataquis Regional Food Center through Eastern Maine Development Corporation’s Workforce program. This program has connected me, a student, to the Food Center by looking at my interests and career goals. Now, my role at PR Food Center! I work in a few different programs through the Food Center. The Farmshare For Homebound Seniors was the program that sparked my interest in working here. I help by calling most of our seniors to take their order, and occasionally delivering fresh produce to them. I have also gained some computer skills while working in this program. You can also find me at the Free Summer Meals Program in the Milo town hall every Thursday,

Summer Garlic Harvest in the SeDo School Garden

Trisha Smith, is a local veggie lover and Community Education Assistant/Home Horticulturist Aid with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Piscataquis County. She's also pretty great at sharing how to tend to plants and learn about how food grows. You've probably seen photos on our blog of her and her helpers in the SeDoMoCha school garden and in Mr. Murray's classroom. So when she shared a beautiful photo of the first garlic harvested from the school garden, we asked her for more so we could share them here with you all. We love seeing kids get excited about how food grows and being able to do it themselves. To learn more about how to support or be involved with the University of

Taking on a new role

Yesterday was my last day as an Americorps VISTA serving here at PR Food Center. My emotions are so jumbled up right now, I don't know where to begin. Last week I shared with you what I love about the programs here and my time serving as a VISTA. But that was only part of the story. I am so grateful to Brianna, Ryan, Scott, Steve and the team at Goodwill Americorps Serves who mentored me and shared with me the vision that is VISTA and always reminded me that I was doing way more than I ever gave myself credit for. Amy, the Project Assistant when I first started here taught me so much about PR Food Center, the programs we run, and most importantly, the friendship we created that will last